We are a young and innovative company, we support and encourage talented young footballers and professional footballer.

First, there is humanity and loyalty to us. At the heart the human being as an individual personality! Then links in the bar above location: We have a network internationalses e.g. – From Frankfurt and Athens, Genoa, London, Moscow, Paris to Zagreb.


Marijo Knez is a licensed Players Agent and Dipl.-Sports manager since 10 years. The above principle accompany our Players on their path.


Realize dreams piece by piece. With self-confidence, trust, faith, conviction and commitment. The cornerstone for the achievement of its objectives. We offer an individually tailored package of services, so that the player can concentrate on the essential, on his athletic performance.

Development of career plans
Personality development (mental training)
Media and Public Relations
Marketing Advertising partners
Placement of experts in medical, legal and financial requirements (tax, insurance, investment)
Processing of transfers – nationally and internationally

Professional sport requires the utmost concentration on the essentials. Therefore, we deal with everything else. We offer tailored package of services which support the player, so he can concentrate primarily on his athletic performance. The opinion of the closest associates are important to us. Our scouts accompany the youth players and parents before the their professional career takes off. We seek and promote the player, his talents and abilities so that he can realize his dream.


Our scouts have the correct eye for talented football players in order to create the basis on which we build. We at Soccerdreamz believe successful and effective assessment of our players requires undivided communication, which demand numerous telephone calls and  e-mails to maintain a close relationship with their parents through all stages of the players development.

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True champions loses many battles
before winning the war

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